Judith Mania

PhD Candidate

Postal Address
D314 Unitobler,
Universität Bern
Längassstrasse 49
Bern 3012

I studied History, German and medieval Latin at the University of Heidelberg, with an emphasis on palaeography, writing a master’s thesis on ‘Rhaetian Minuscule’. As part of subproject 1 I focus on the medieval transmission of the Latin translations and adaptions of Josephus. My doctoral thesis seeks to reveal the cultural significance of these manuscripts by showing how Josephus’ works were perceived and used by the Christian readership of the early and high middle ages. Among other things, I explore the details of manuscript production and use, including provenance, mise-en-page, annotations, adaptions, circulation, and other traces left by readers through the ages. My examination of the manuscripts will also form the basis of a searchable online catalogue, describing the manuscripts of the Latin Josephus up to 1300.